is a theatrical project that explores the multiple expresive potentialities of TANGRAM, the ancestral chinese puzzle.


Paco Hernández Falcón is a multidisciplinary artist from the Canary Islands, currently living in Barcelona. He co-founded the company Itinerània, and has participated in street arts festivals all over Europe, Asia and America since 2007.

He creates A2manos in 2016 with the show “EL CRUCE” that was premiered at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and has participated at Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes (Charleville-Mézières -FR), Museu da Marioneta de Lisboa (Lisboa-PT), Festival Mima (Mirepoix-FR), Ibla Buskers (Sicilia-IT) and Fira deTitelles de Lleida (Catalonia), among others. In 2017 “EL CRUCE” received the Jury Award of Festival Estrena’t in Barcelona.


Unusual theatre with a triangular dome for an audience of 38 people.

For street art events. Continuous session program, 15 minutes performances of EL CRUCE (no text)

15 minutes shows, continued

All audiences (from 5 years old)
Accessible in a wheelchair
Capacity for 35 people

Piezas de
El Cruce (sin texto)

Design and construction
Paco Hernández Falcón

Canvas seams
Lemos Quinguangua Quitamba (Nelo)

Paco y Toni Tomàs (Tombs Creatius)

Jessica Murray

With the inestimable collaboration of the Kurmy family

El Cruce with Juan de Diego Trio live

The jazz of Juan de Diego Trio is fused in scene with the gestural theater of A2manos.

EL CRUCE (the Crossing) tells the story of a crossroad that seems to offer no way out. With three great figures of the contemporary jazz on stage: Joe Smith, Dani Pérez, and Juan de Diego.

40 minutes

All audiences, from 5 years old


Creation and Interpretation
Paco Hernández Falcón

Direction Assistance
Ofelia Díaz Bethencourt y Keily Valladares Arcia

Live Music
Joe Smith – drums
Dani Pérez – guitar
Juan de Diego – composer and trumpet

Próximas presentaciones

No Events

Anteriores presentaciones

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28mayoAll Day29El CruceFESTIVAL KINDERKULTUR - Duisburg (DE)

21mayoAll DayEl CruceFESTIVAL DEL TÍTERE - Cádiz

04junioAll Day06El CruceFESTIVAL IMAGINARIA - BInéfar

30mayoAll DayEl CruceCC Casa del Rellotge - BARCELONA

15mayoAll Day16El CruceRINCONCILLO DE CRISTOBICA - Valderrubio

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