Company A2manos


Paco Hernández is from the Canary Islands, currently living in Barcelona.   A multidisciplinary artist, he founded the company Itinerània, and has participated in street arts festivals all over Europe, Asia and America since 2007. He is a regular contributor to Katakrak.

A2manos is his most personal project and has allowed him to explore the different dramatic possibilities of some of his great passions: tangram, theatre and music.   He is joined by Keily Valladares and Ofelia Diaz-Bethencourt, who offer artistic direction, Juan de Diego with the live music, and Silvia and Peppe Cannata in production.

“El Cruce” was premiered in the Canary Islands in 2016 and has
participated in the Mima festival (Mirepoix-FR), Ibla Buskers
(Sicilia-IT), FesTierrantona (Huesca-ES), Parcours Festival
(Meynac-FR) and MMACA (Museum of Mathematics of
Catalonia), among others.

Teatro de Manipulación